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  • Your daily health transformed.
    Anytime, AnywhereTM
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Your daily health transformed.
Anytime, AnywhereTM
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Why QuickStripTM ?

QuickStripTM is an oral thin dissolvable strip that can deliver the active ingredient precisely and quickly into your bloodstream — by-passing your stomach and liver. This means your QuickStripTM Energy, Vitamin B12 and Sleep products work — FAST and EFFECTIVELY.

QuickStripTM delivers rapid results #QuickStripEffect

Minutes to take effect
Up to 2 hours for effect
Single, Precise Dose
No swallowing
No water required
Allergen and gluten-free
Vegan Friendly*
Child Resistant
Anytime, AnywhereTM
Our products
QuickStripTM Energy

QuickStripTM Energy rapidly powers your mental, physical performance and accelerates fat loss!

Caffeine taken just before exercise can cause fat cells to be burned.

  • Increases your energy & endurance to push through tough workouts
  • Boosts your overall metabolism
  • Accelerates fat loss
  • Improves your mental focus

Active Ingredient: 40 mg caffeine

QuickStripTM B12

QuickStripTM B12 rapidly delivers vitamin B12 to benefit your body in many impressive ways.

  • Boosts your metabolism and energy
  • Increases your red blood cell production
  • Improves your memory
  • Supports your nerve cell function
  • Supports bone health
  • Supports your cardiovascular & overall health

Active Ingredient: 1000 mcg Methylcobalamin

QuickStripTM Sleep

QuickStripTM Sleep is your secret weapon for a full nights rest — rapidly delivering melatonin for a quick, natural and healthy sleep.

Ideal for:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Travellers jet lag
  • Digital users exposed to blue light (laptops, tablets, mobile phones)
  • Service industry (working long and irregular hours)

Active Ingredient: 5 mg melatonin

Backed by science
How QuickStripTM works
Backed by science
How QuickStripTM works
  • Micronized molecules
    • QuickStrip’s micronizing technology reduces the molecules of your nutraceutical active ingredient
    • These tiny molecules are then embedded and suspended into the QuickStripTM thin film matrix
  • Tongue & cheek
    • Place your QuickStripTM on or under your tongue (sublingual), or inside your cheek.
    • The QuickStripTM contains a precise dose of the active ingredient of your vitamin, supplement or therapeutic.
    • QuickStripTM can then deliver your vitamins and supplements quickly into your bloodstream — bypassing your liver and digestive system.
  • Rapid results now
    • When you digest a pill or drink, your body can lose significant amounts of the active ingredient due to its breakdown through your digestive process — decreasing efficacy — while potentially causing unwanted effects in your liver and gastro-intestinal system.
    • Overall when taking a pill or drink, less active ingredient is delivered when digested and can take much longer for results.
    • QuickStripTM solves this — no digestion or water is required, your precise dose can be delivered quickly into your bloodstream by-passing your liver and digestion process — delivering rapid results.