Who we are
Rapid Dose Therapeutics, (RDT) — is a Canadian life sciences company which provides disruptive proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.
Our inception

We were founded because of a recognized need to move drug delivery to a new level.

Did you know that 40% of the American adult population have difficulties swallowing pills?

We wanted to provide a new way to take therapeutics and vitamins. RDT designed QuickStripTM – a Quick, Convenient, Precise and DiscreetTM alternative to swallowing pills or drinks.

Our mission

Our mission with Rapid Dose Therapeutics is to continually innovate and design novel, convenient, enhanced rapid delivery systems to improve healthcare outcomes and quality of lives for people around the world.

Delivering health and wellness.TM
Anytime, AnywhereTM

Our technology

Our game-changing proprietary oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system, QuickStripTM, rapidly releases an expansive list of nutraceuticals, therapeutics, pharmaceuticals and a host of over-the-counter medicines.

Our QuickStripTM technology enables active ingredients to enter the blood stream through a rapid dose pathway without being degraded or modified by first pass metabolism of the gastro-intestinal tract and liver and delivers rapid results to the consumer or patient.

Meet our team
Board Directors
Mark Upsdell

Mark leads RDT – Rapid Dose Therapeutics, with a unique combination of global business and technology transformational growth experience. Mark’s ability to build high-performance growth oriented teams, including his strategically-selected executive management staff, has served as a growth catalyst to drive revenue results. Mark believes in innovation, strategy and people.

Prior to RDT, Mark was Senior Global Manager of Strategy and Planning at Cisco, and held director positions within Cisco and Hewlett Packard.

Jason Lewis
SVP Business Development, Director

Jason is an entrepreneurial executive with 28+ years of hands-on expertise in growing successful businesses within the healthcare marketing, sales productivity, and software development sectors. His experience is focused in pharmaceutical product launches, marketing, and consultation. Jason builds and manages high performance sales, marketing, and channel teams, develops creative business go-to-market strategies in high growth, mid and late stage venture backed and publicly traded companies.

A results-driven marketing leader, known for innovation and a unique mix of strategic, creative, operational and technical abilities — Jason’s dedication to ensuring success for brands is unwavering.

Previous to RDT, Jason was founder of PharmaComm and RemoteRep® in Ontario, Canada, Director of International Marketing Apotex, and VP of Marketforce a subsidiary of GSW.

Managers, Specialists & More
Lino Fera
Doug Hyland
Manager, Systems & Processes
Kristina Shea
Marketing & Communications Director
Brad Little
Intellectual Property Specialist